Studio Instruments

Studio Instruments 1.0

Studio Instruments is a virtual instrument and recording studio program

Studio Instruments 1.0 is a virtual instrument and recording studio program that can stand alone or inside users’ recording software and will provide them with high quality virtual string instruments, a drum set, bass guitar, and electric piano.

With this software installed, users can build sections for their songs, practice, or jam. The Studio Instruments 1.0 program is compatible with the most popular music recording software programs such as the Cakewalk SONAR series, Project5 and Kinetic2, Magix Music series, and most AU/VST compatible software. Users are presented with an easy to use graphically animated interface. All of the instrument sections feature multiple sounds and pre-recorded styles from modern to classic. Patterns can be dragged into users’ own recording software. They can all be played using a mouse, a keyboard, or a midi controller.

The Studio Instruments 1.0 drum kit section features pulse and cymbals crash in time with music and also features built in compression and reverb. The bass guitar section features a variety of essential base lines from modern to classic that can be transposed into songs. Bass sounds range from aggressive to smooth and users have control over base, mid, treble, drive and compression. Strings strum in time with the music and base lines can be loaded for different sections of songs. The electric piano features effective tones like drive, chorus, and tremolo and parts can be loaded into different sections of songs by dragging. The string section provides multiple sounds from lush and ambient to orchestral and cinematic. String section parts can be transposed to the key of the song. Base, Cello, and Violin are bowed in time to the music, and users can control the nuances of string sounds with attack, release, chorus and reverb for the string section plus pan and tone for each individual instrument.

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